The personal impact of Covid from one of our own

As you are aware the impact of Covid varies for each individual infected, following is the real account of how it impacted one of our own whanau. This virus is not just a “flu” for a lot of people as we all know someone with underlying health conditions that could be really impacted by Covid – remember your mask is not an option inside let us continue to look after each other.

Thank you Polelei for sharing what has been a very difficult time for you and your whanau.

Kia ora whanau and talofa lava

My story is about my hard experience through COVID, I started with some symptoms on Saturday night on 12/3/22. I was preparing some food for my family lunch for Sunday. On Sunday morning I got up and got ready for work, before I tested and found out I got positive test. So I am the 4th person of my family of five adults test positive. The whole Sunday 13/3/22 I had running noise coughing, sore throat and short breath because I am asthmatic. It was four years since I had any asthma but Covid brought back my asthma and some of issues of my health. Around 2am on Monday I was getting worse my heart was beating and pounding so fast, had high temperature was 99, coughing a lot didn’t had any sleep, short breath, I was worried and suddenly everything’s rushing to my mind I felt concern for my life. 3am my husband came in the bedroom and found me struggled to breath and my heart was beating fast and little bit sore. He called the Healthline and explained what was happening to me and let them know I got positive test for the Covid. The good lady I forgot her name heard my voice I was trying to talk and she decided to order the ambulance to come over to my place that morning around 3.35am. Two staff came in the house did the assessment and everything’s they needed to do before they took me to the Waikato hospital around 3.45am arrived in.

They took me to the isolation room and monitor my heart beat, my fever was going up, and doctors found out my lungs were affected too. I had two blood test and my high blood pressure too. I felt worried not sure even I had faith in God, no matter was happening to me that I will never see my family, I know is so hard but I was ready too. Also I keep praying and praying and asked God to show me his loving arms, while I was lying at hospital bed and doctors did their best to save me on the 14/3/22. 15/3/22 I was already in the isolation side at the Waikato Hospital with all the treatment and keep monitor my heart, lungs and my temperature was going up and down up and down for two days. Also doctors and nurses they came in my room and keep encouraging me to take all my medication especially the main issues is my heart and my lungs was affect that was showed on my ECD and x-ray. 15.3/22 to 16/3/22. 16/3/22 to 17/3/22 more blood test and different medication three times a day, through Covid 19 my body and mind are not the same as used too even got through because I had faith in God. Because my health changed through the Covid and now I’m fine and back to work but is not the same as in my normal was. I believed God is good He was with me through my hard experience through Covid. From the bottom of my heart I liked to say thank you so much Karen, Matua and all the staff of Anglican Action, KFWC staff my family, whanau and all my families for prayers I only say God bless you all. Faamanuia tele le Atua mo otou uma.

Soifua Polelei Simeona-Laulu.

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