Wāhi Āwhina 

Support Centre for Anglican Action Staff

Last updated 31/03/2020 at 05:49pm

You, our Mahi Mihinare Whānau, are important to us.

We know that you will have many questions in these times. In this space, we will try our best to answer some of those questions to ensure you are well-informed about the things that matter most to you.

If you have any questions that aren't covered here, please click the 'Questions' button in the menu above or go to the bottom of this page.

Kia ngātahi ai tātou

We're all in this together


Current Mission Status

> We are currently at Alert Level 4.

> Our main offices are closed to the public until further notice

> Only minimal, essential staff are working on a rostered basis across our Reintegration Services

> Te Ako Rangatahi is only working virtually with rangatahi and whānau

> Administration staff are working virtually from home

> Kids First Whaanau Centre is closed

> Ethos is closed


Supervision & Professional Development

> Although we are working in different conditions, you are encouraged to continue accessing supervision and professional development with your respective supervisors and mentors.

> As a way of ensuring that we manage this properly, all requests for supervision and professional development must be communicated to Shane Kennard BEFORE engaging in any sessions.

> Email Shane directly at shane@anglicanaction.org.nz

Pastoral Support

> With the new dynamic of working remotely, and sometimes isolated, it is imperative that you are supported in every possible way.

> Our Anglican Action Pastoral Team are still available during this time and are happy to speak with and support you with prayer and support.

> Please contact Peter Sampson directly via email at peter.sampson@anglicanaction.org.nz or call him on 022 043 0315.

Mindfulness & Meditation

> Nikki has kindly offered to continue this practice with you via Zoom.

> If you would like to organise some time to Zoom with Nikki, please call her on 027 271 3467.

Payroll & Timesheets

> Payroll will not be affected and will be processed as per usual

> Payroll processing dates for the isolation period are:

  • Wednesday 01 April 2020

  • Wednesday 15 April 2020

> Timesheets need to be completed virtually following this process:

  • Download the Word document timesheet in the 'Forms' section

  • Compl​ete the timesheet using Word or equivalent on your computer

  • Save the timesheet

  • Open a new email and attach the timesheet

  • Send the timesheet to your team leader, or the person who usually signs off

> Alternatively, if you have the facilities - print the timesheet, fill it in by hand and then scan and send it to your team leader, or the person who usually signs off

> Please ensure timesheets are completed and sent for sign off as soon as possible to allow ample time for Jan to process your payments

> If you have any questions, please talk to your team leader in the first instance

Health & Hygiene

> Each and every one of us needs to do our part to stop the spread of COVID-19. It is a matter of social responsibility to protect our most vulnerable people in our whānau, and the wider community.

> More information can be found here about health and hygiene.

More Information

> There are various channels available to help keep you informed:


How-To: Working From Home

> For the majority of our whānau who are working from home, this will become our new normal. Here are some pointers to make sure you stay connected and supported:


Zoom is a virtual meeting space for small, medium and large groups.

Usually, we would meet around a table - this is the same concept but through our devices.

Tip: It is best to download Zoom onto your phone so you can meet anytime, anywhere.

Click on the links below to access the HOW-TO for Zoom:

Teamviewer allows support to connect to your computer or device and see what the issue is to try and fix any issues.

Usually, a person would come to your computer and take control - this is the same concept but over the internet.

Tip: Download Teamviewer onto your local computer for Teamviewer to work best

Click on the link below to access the HOW-TO for Teamviewer:

Microsoft Teams is great for chatting with your team in real-time to avoid clogging up your inbox.

Usually, we would send emails - this is the same concept but in real-time and avoids emails getting lost in the inbox.

Note: Microsoft Teams requires an administration password. Please contact Mark Hughes for more info.

Click on the link below to access the HOW-TO for Teams:

Setting up your workstation

> Keep your head in a neutral position
> Ensure your feet are well supported
> Keep your arms in a relaxed position as you type on your keyboard
> Keep the lumbar area of your back well supported with a good chair and cushions 
> Make sure you take plenty of breaks

> Stand to read, if possible

> Go for a walk outside when you are on your break to increase productivity and refresh

> Avoid working in the evening if possible


> If you require access to the server from home, please contact Mark Hughes via email - mark.hughes@anglicanaction.org.nz

> Adjusting server settings - if you are having issues with your sound, microphone, camera, printer, or monitor, please watch this video that shows how to adjust the settings required to rectify this issue



> As more and more resources become available, we will update this section for you.

Free Phone Counselling

> Waikato Male Support Service is offering free phone counselling for the whole family


> This is offered across the Waikato, Bay of Plenty and King Country.

> There are 20 registered, vetted and ACC-accredited counsellors who are very professional with a lot of experience, some specialising in counselling younger clients.


> There is a mixture of female, male, Maori and European.


> The free calling number is available from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm daily.


> Those interested can call 0800677289 and select option 0



> If you have a question that isn't answered on this page, please fill in the form below and we will do our best to answer your question.

> If your question would be helpful to staff across the Mission, we may even post up the information on this page.

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