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COVID Conversations

11:30 am | Friday 16 July 2021

Ash Dixon talks to Dr. Joe Bourne about the vaccination recovery time.

Māori All Blacks and Highlanders captain Ash Dixon asks GP Dr. Joe Bourne about the recovery time after getting the vaccine, and how to support friends and whānau to get vaccinated.

Matariki & COVID-19

02:23 pm | Thursday 15 July 2021

Hear from Dr. Rangi Matamua in this video on Matariki

Matariki is a time to reflect on the year gone by and a time to plan for the possibilities in the year to come.

Ko Matariki te tohu ki te wānanga i te tau kua hipa, me te whakamahere i te tau e tū mai nei.

COVID-19: The Whole Truth Series

10:17 am | Monday 12 July 2021

The Covid-19 vaccine's ingredients: mRNA, fats, sugar, salts

Screen Shot 2021-07-12 at 10.16.52 AM.png

The Whole Truth is going to be completely clear about this one upfront: there is no microchip in the Covid-19 vaccine.


Despite all the conspiracy theories swirling around the internet, there is simply no evidence or data to support this claim.


The Whole Truth is tackling this rumour only because it has now persisted for several months, prompting even the Ministry of Health to address it directly, along with its Australian counterpart.

COVID-19: The Whole Truth Series

9:41 am | Thursday 07 July 2021

Why the vaccine 'priority groups' aren't just guinea pigs.

Screen Shot 2021-07-08 at 9.42.12 AM.png

D'Angelo Martin explains why so many Māori and Pasifika people are at the head of the Covid-19 vaccine queue

COVID-19: The Whole Truth

2:20 pm | Wednesday 07 July 2021

What is population immunity, and will we reach it?

Screen Shot 2021-07-07 at 2.17.15 PM.png

Every jab counts when it comes to shutting Covid-19 out. The holy grail of vaccination programmes is to stop the disease in its tracks.

Vaccines do that by putting up roadblocks to infection. When the virus runs into a vaccinated person who is protected against infection, it has to back up and look for a different route. 

The more people who are vaccinated, the more roadblocks, and the harder it is for the virus to find a new host.

As vaccinations increase, there’s a magic number, beyond which there are too many roadblocks for the virus to find a way through.

That tipping point is called herd immunity, or population immunity. Once it’s passed, any outbreaks naturally die out.

So... how did it go Cory?

7:16 pm | Friday 02 July 2021

A quick update from Cory about how his vaccination went...


Kia ora, I remember in my television interview, I talked about trying to be in the best possible health condition I could be in. However, that did not end up being the case, as I had indulged in some wine and takeaways.

So now, I believe I will try to experience the vaccine from a no-fuss, living my usual life kinda way. I sleep a little late but got up in the morning as per usual. I remember having a quick look on the internet about side effects and found an article from Medsafe. I have included the link here too. 

I was feeling a little hesitant about some of the information that I read, but I remembered that will most medical treatments and medicines, there are risks there as well. My main reason for getting a vaccine is to try and move back to a sense of normality, where I can look and plan for some overseas travels. I do have dreams of travelling to Europe and I hope getting vaccinated will help with that.

The process to get vaccinated has seemed pretty straight forwards and simple. The email that Helena sent out with the steps and instructions has been really helpful. When I arrived at the Te Rapa Racecourse, there were flags out and it was easy to see. The wait was short, and they just asked for basic details. When I saw the nurse, she seemed friendly and asked some health questions again. She mentioned that her hands were cold and I barely felt the needle go in. I’ve had many vaccine’s before, and I do have to say this vaccine was probably the less painful. The nurse recommended using my arm as normal, and don’t try to avoid using it. She mentioned that if I was to just rest it that could cause more aches.

As I write this about 5 hours later, I haven’t had any concerns or issues using it and feel fine at the moment. She did recommend ensuring I drink more water than usual as the vaccine makes us dehydrated. Though, hopefully, a few energy drinks will do the trick.

Episode 2 is here!

6:08 pm | Thursday 01 July 2021

We check in with Shane to see how he's been and talk to Cory Murray as well!


Are You On The Waka?

11:54 am | Wednesday 30 June 2021

Te Kohao Health have issued the challenge: Get on the vaccine waka!

Shane's Vaccination Journey

4:26 pm am | Tuesday 29 June 2021

Front row seats to Shane's COVID-19 vaccination journey


Shane Kennard is getting his COVID-19 vaccination and we get an insight into what the process is like, his thoughts and most importantly, why he's doing it.

We also catch up with Shane after his vaccination to see how he's feeling, and if he has in fact grown that extra limb.

COVID-19: The Whole Truth

11:35 am | Monday 28 June 2021

Declining the vaccine is far riskier than having it


Those most at-risk of serious illness or death from Covid-19 are frequently targeted with misinformation.


Produced by Stuff in partnership with Māori Television and the Pacific Media Network, The Whole Truth: Covid-19 Vaccination counters the falsehoods.


It explains the topics prone to misinformation, and seeks to inform rather than inflame. It does not advocate for policy positions, apart from transparency and accuracy in public debate.

On the page, and across a range of social media and print publications, The Whole Truth about the Covid-19 vaccine is published through a series of videos, graphics and words.


Click on the image or button to watch the video.

Maintenance Request Form Now Live!

4:33 pm | Friday 30 April 2021

New Maintenace Request Form is now live here on Wāhi Āwhina

Leigh-Anne Cordiner and Helena Harding, along with Robert Moore have done a fantastic job putting together an online form that staff can use to send through any maintenance requests for their services.

Having one central location where responses are received and then actioned makes for a simple process and a faster turn-around. 

The form can be accessed, by visiting the Resources page here on Wāhi Āwhina and clicking on the Maintenance Form button.

Resources Page of Wāhi Āwhina
Anglican Action Maintenance Request-1.pn

International Women's Day

11:15 am | Monday 8 March 2021

Today, we recognise International Women's Day and the men of Mahi Mihinare wish to acknowledge, recognise and celebrate the women of our Mission.

We thank you for who you are as women, just as much as what you do 💜

World Day of Social Justice

3:59pm | Wednesday 17 February 2021

This coming Saturday is the UN World Day of Social Justice and as we are well-aware, Anglican Action stands for Justice Through Service.

Hear some of our front-line workers share about what social justice means for them.

Anglican Action fishing adventures 

3:00pm | Tuesday 05 January 2021

WANTED: Any person or persons keen to join our fishing adventures in 2021.


To join in on these unforgettable adventures, you will need:

1. To be committed - if you say yes you cannot back out as this could jeopardize it for everyone;

2. To be prepared to take annual leave for the fishing dates;

3. To have $30 from each fortnightly pay go towards the fishing fund; and,

4. To be reasonably fit and sea worthy.


Our last adventure was two days of fishing out of Kaawhia. We had set the dates for this back in March and just prior to the Covid lickdown/raahui. The seas were rough leading up to it, so it was touch and go whether we would be getting out there.


But getting out there we did...

The annual Mission pilgrimage to honour Tarore

4:30pm | Tuesday 20 October 2020

The Annual Mission Pilgrimage to honour Tarore went ahead yesterday with a strong delegation of Mission staff, lead by Matua Pine Campbell. 


The group travelled to Waharoa to visit the gravesite of Tarore to honour her life and also hear the story of forgiveness re-told beautifully by Matua Pine.


The group then made its way to All Saints Church in Matamata to visit the stained glass installation of Tarore and learn of its history.

Finally, the group travelled to Wairere Falls for lunch and to sit alongside the water and reflect on the day, and the life of Tarore.