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Justice Through Service

At Mahi Mihinare, our passion for social justice drives our mission, offering a beacon of hope to those who seek it, and are dedicated to making a difference in the lives of those in need. 

Our services encompass parental education, youth mentoring and support, and accommodations to assist individuals reintegrating into the community after incarceration.

Join us in our commitment to creating a more just and compassionate world.

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Our Mission Statement

Anglican Action stands for Justice Through Service.

Anglican Action unites Faith and Te Tiriti in a Mission committed to flax roots support and challenge from the margins of an unequal society in order to liberate and empower.

Anglican Action celebrates the spirituality of life and believes that everyone, known or stranger, of this land or another, is considered to be our neighbour.

All of creation is sacred and of equal and infinite value with a soul worthy of care and respect.

To this end, Anglican Action commits itself to the pursuit of justice through service within and beyond the borders of Aotearoa New Zealand.


We will advocate and stand in solidarity with all of creation being denied justice.

We offer hope.

Misson Statemen

Our Work


Reintegration Services

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Parent Education


Youth Justice


Social Justice & Advocacy

Our Work

Our History

Pre Colonial

Mangaonua is the name of the stream and gully which runs beside Te Ara Hou, starting in Ruakura and Mātangi and running to the Waikato River. Before European settlement in the 19th century there was a Papakāinga (village) under Kingi Tāwhiao which took its name, Mangaonua, from the stream below and survived into the late 1800’s.


Volunteers from the Anglican Cathedral of St Peter began working with men on the street, many of whom had not long been released from prison and many had significant issues with addictions. To support these men and others who were navigating the mental health system, Housing New Zealand provided a residence to deliver services from.


We changed from Anglican Social Services to Anglican Action, to name our commitment to taking action and seeing change in addition to simply providing support services. We then began Steps to Safety, a new programme working alongside sexual offenders in the community. Te Ara Hou was established with support from Hamilton City Council at the site of the former Chanel Park. This became a hub for a number of Christian social services in Kirikiriroa. 


Working with the Department of Corrections we began providing Mens' Supported Accommodation from a number of flats in Kirikiriroa. During this time Te Ako Rangatahi began to support rangatahi in the justice system.​


Our social enterprise, Ethos Cafe, Catering, and Conferences, opens to the public as both a revenue stream and to provide training opportunities for those in our services.


Our residential reintegration work expanded to include offering residential supported accommodation for women returning to the community after prison and for those who would otherwise be remanded in custody due to not having a safe address.

2030s onwards

Social service, government, and community support become proactive rather than reactive interventions for those who need them. Welfare and wellbeing support is universal and non-punitive.

Equitable and accessible long-term housing, employment, education, and healthcare are producing demonstrable reductions in the need for social service and justice sector interventions. 

The devolution of most remaining custodial services to iwi and community-based alternatives contribute to the decarceration of Aotearoa. 

Our History

Our Board


Jane Manson

Board Chairperson


Moko Tauariki

Ngāti Haua Representative


Archbishop Philip Richardson

Board Member

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Mark Tumai

Board Member


David Wilson

Board Member

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David Bird

Board Member


Meleane Burgess

Board Member


Roseanne Matheson

Board Member

Our Board
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