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Reintergration Services


We provide a range of transitional accommodation to welcome our tāne and wāhine back into the community after time in prison or other institutions. We also offer supported accommodation for those who would be otherwise held in remand awaiting sentencing simply because they do not have a safe address to be bailed to. We offer this across a range of programmes and bespoke contracts. We provide pro-social support and interactions to restore the humanity to those we journey alongside.


Our dedicated mentors work closely with all of our tangata whaiora, providing guidance, encouragement, and practical assistance. This includes work readiness and finding employment, reconnecting with whānau where appropriate, and support in finding accommodation at the end of their stay with us.


Our environmental restoration project Wairākau at Te Ara Hou is an opportunity for our staff, tangata whaiora, and community to connect with nature. We believe that by engaging in the restoration effort, individuals within our community can experience a profound sense of connection with nature and contributes to positive change.

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