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Mahi Mihinare remains unwavering in its dedication to addressing the multifaceted challenges that arise from our service-oriented work. Our commitment extends far beyond the immediate concerns encountered in our daily operations. We actively seek to identify and tackle the deep-seated factors that negatively impact our communities, utilising a research-driven, justice-oriented approach.

Our mission encompasses comprehensive problem-solving, focusing on understanding the systemic and ideological foundations that necessitate community intervention. Through a diligent process of research, rigorous evaluation, and relentless advocacy, we aim to disrupt and transform these underlying systems and beliefs.

Our goal is not simply to mitigate current distress but to instigate lasting change by challenging and reshaping the very structures that perpetuate the need for community intervention. We firmly believe in the power of knowledge, information, and systemic reform to break the cycle of intervention dependence and usher in sustainable, positive transformation. Mahi Mihinare's commitment to justice, evidence, and advocacy is a resolute endeavor to foster a more equitable and fair society for all.

Wairākau, derived from the Māori word for tree sap and compost, represents the vital essence and cycles of change within ecological systems. Our restoration project, Wairākau, undertaken by Mahi Mihinare, embodies this concept as we work towards revitalising the lands surrounding Te Ara Hou.


Recognising that restoring nature goes beyond mere environmental stewardship, we understand that it also helps restore ourselves. By focusing on improving the biodiversity in our own backyard, we aim to reconnect with the natural world and find meaning in our commitment to environmental justice.


Wairākau serves as a catalyst for personal and community transformation. We believe that by engaging in the restoration effort, individuals within our community can experience a profound sense of connection with nature and contribute to positive change.

We not only encourage active participation but also extend our support to those we collaborate with, ensuring that everyone involved has the opportunity to give back. Through Wairākau, we embrace the cycles of change and renewal, fostering a harmonious relationship between human beings and the environment, ultimately benefiting both.

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